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Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC)

The Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC) is one of eight university hospitals in the Netherlands. With 1,002 beds, 356,000 outpatients and 55,000 inpatients annually it is the second largest hospital in the Netherlands. As a university hospital, with well over 3,000 peer reviewed publications annually, it is ranked among the best hospitals world-wide.
Perhaps the most characteristic, and also charming, quality of the AMC is its diversity and social engagement. This diversity is due partly to the inherent multi-cultural variety, with a population representing about 120 different nationalities, presented in the immediate surrounding area served by the AMC.

The hospital and the University of Amsterdam’s faculty of medicine have formed a single organisation since the beginning of 1994, making it the first University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

As is the case at all university medical centres a certain amount of the procedures carried out in the AMC are what is known as top-referral patient care. In the AMC the proportion of patients who come for top-referral patient care is approximately 60%. A significant proportion of the top-referral patient care is aimed at children. Patient care, however, is not limited to complex and unusual diseases. The AMC also serves as a general hospital for part of Amsterdam and the ‘Gooi en Vecht’ region.

The AMC is home to the Emma Children’s Hospital, a 166 bed paediatric hospital that, like the rest of the AMC, serves both as a top-referral center as well as a general hospital. One of the core areas of the Emma Children’s Hospital is the Child Advocacy Team (CAT), nationally regarded as one of the (if not the) best teams in the Netherlands. The CAT consists of paediatricians, clinicians from related disciplines (such as paediatric surgery and radiology), staff nurses from all departments, psychologists etc. The CAT has over the years evolved into an official CAT functioning directly under the auspices of the board of directors of the AMC. Besides clinical care the CAT is involved in education and research within the field of child abuse and neglect. Over the years numerous publications from members of the CAT have been published in peer reviewed journals.

More information on the AMC can be found online.

NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute)

NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute)

Mission statement

On behalf of its clients, the NFI uses state-of-the-art technology and science to provide high-quality forensic services. Passionately dedicated NFI professionals concentrate on the prompt provision of comprehensible, objective and – if necessary – multidisciplinary forensic analyses, with the aim of improving the client’s information position. 


The NFI provides services to clients within the criminal justice chain, such as the Public Prosecution Service and the police. A lawyer in a criminal case may also ask the examining magistrate or the public prosecutor handling the case to have the NFI conduct an examination. In addition, the NFI provides services to other persons or authorities, such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, foreign police or justice authorities, or to special investigative services.
The NFI strives to achieve optimum customer satisfaction with regard to the range of products offered, the delivery times and the services provided. Core values are substantive objectivity and scientific integrity. Because the NFI conducts examinations objectively, the credibility and the reliability of the NFI are guaranteed.

Products and services

The NFI provides products and services with a high level of added value. The NFI is dedicated to Research & Development in order to be able to deliver state-of-the-art technology and science. With over thirty forensic disciplines, the NFI is the only institute in the Netherlands to offer such an extensive range of high-tech forensic services.

Forensic Paediatrics

The section forensic paediatrics is an integral part of the department of pathology and toxicology of the NFI. This section provides high level forensic medical evaluation in case of suspected child abuse and neglect (CAN) in living and deceased children. Another important task is participation in scientific research and education in the field of CAN. The section of forensic paediatrics and the Emma Children's Hospital Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam has an official cooperation with respect to scientific research and education. This cooperation between a national forensic institute and a University is unique in Europe.

Ongoing development

The field of forensic examination is subject to rapid and tempestuous development. Besides having to render account in court, the NFI is increasingly called to account publicly in the media.  This raises the standards for the NFI’s communication, and the organisation examines itself critically. The NFI invests in expertise and innovation in response to social and technological developments. The NFI plays a leading role in this process, also in an international context, and wants to continue to do so.

University Medical Center Utrecht

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

The University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht is one of the largest public healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. It employs almost 11,000 people who are working continuously on providing care, with people and knowledge as the two cornerstones. There are 3,350 students at the medical faculty. Around 2,800 babies are born at UMC Utrecht every year, and there are 29,000 day care treatments, 33,000 hospital admissions and 340,000 outpatient clinic appointments. UMC Utrecht aims to be a leading university medical center internationally, a center where knowledge about health, disease and healthcare is generated, validated, shared and applied. UMC Utrecht is part of the NFU, the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers.

The Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital s the children’s Division of the UMCU and is situated in a modern and child friendly building, with all facilities to make a stay in the hospital as convenient as possible for sick children and their parents. We take care of children from 0-18 years, and mother and newborns around the time of delivery.

About 40.000 children visit this children’s hospital and about 7500 children are admitted each year. The hospital has 220 beds.

The Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the Netherlands with a Child Advocacy Team (CAT). Since 1999 each suspicion of child abuse is assessed within a multidisciplinary team. Suspicions of any form of child abuse are evaluated and eventually rejected or substantiated by the CAT. The CAT is a team of pediatricians and other professionals, who are specialized in child abuse (pediatrician expert, social worker, pediatric surgeon, pediatric radiologist, pediatric psychiatrist and psychologist, forensic psychiatrist, pediatric dermatologist (on demand), a forensics doctor, emergency physician and emergency nurse). All clinicians are adequately trained and have specific expertise in their own profession. Every two weeks, the CAT gathers in order to evaluate the management of all recent cases regarding a suspicion of child abuse. The primary goal of the CAT is to ensure that the child’s immediate medical and safety needs are met. Besides clinical care the CAT is involved in education for medical students and postgraduate education. Diagnostic research is one of the main topics of research.

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